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Ecotek Limited supplies technology as ‘Business to Customer’ as well as ‘Business to Business’, both Nationally and Internationally. So if you are looking for a distributorship, then we will be pleased to hear from you and discuss the opportunity.

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Ecotek Limited offers Air Purification and an excellent Home-Based-Business Opportunity

We have been involved in the air purification industry for over twenty years and working with our suppliers we are proud to bring a range of technologies that will safely and conveniently enhance your indoor environment whether at home or work. We all want to breathe clean air, but in our increasingly polluted society this becomes difficult, if not impossible and this range of air technologies can effectively destroy so many of the airborne contaminants that surround us

Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) is the number 1 environmental health concerns by the Environmental Pollution Agency and the World Health Organization. Modern engineering changes, thermo pane windows, insulated walls and ceilings along with the effective wrapping of buildings make extremely well insulated homes and businesses. The benefit to us all is that these measures help to reduce our heating and cooling costs to a minimum, but they create an environment that is disastrous for I.A.Q. because of what we bring into the buildings such as carpets, furniture, paints, people and pollution, resulting in Allergies, asthma and learning disabilities being on the increase.

Massive changes to existing infrastructures to solve I.A.Q. problems are financially and logistically prohibitive. Passive air purification systems using filtration and collector plates have been the main choice for many years although they will not eliminate bacteria, mould and odours nor are they effective on most dust and particulates due to 98 % of all the particles being smaller than the best filter can trap. Think about it, does nature filter the air, NO!

There’s no cloud in the sky that a filter hangs from, so filtering is at best mediocre. If filter systems actually worked, why is the problem not solved? Attempt number 2 has been to increase ventilation. This is impractical and very costly. Who wants or needs the fumes from the bus, car, truck and other types of odours you live around to enter your indoor air space. Furthermore, adding cold or hot outside air to an enclosed environment is defeating the purpose of saving energy. Any solution must be affordable, simple to install, easy to operate and maintain as well as proven effective against most forms of pollution.

Technology Systems from Ecotek Limited create crisp clean breathable country fresh air indoors using the same method that nature uses to purify the air outdoors. Working with its Strategic Partners in the USA who have developed a unique ACTIVE air purification system that utilises a plasma gas, needle point ionization, PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation) and low level ozone generation, all-in-one system, Ecotek Limited now returns to the market place that it effectively pioneered some fifteen years ago. The ionization changes the electrical charge of the particles in indoor air, causing them to fall out of the air we breathe, taking with it the airborne biological contaminants like bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast and pollen.

The PCO technology along with the low ozone production then oxidizes these elements raising the amount of fresh air and ozone up to a safe level in which most homes don’t have. The Technology also reacts with the chemical pollutant concentration in indoor air, changing them into CO2, O2 and trace amounts of H2O. All this, without filtration! Just like a thunderstorm or fresh clean mountain air, where we have found a way to eliminate the need to use outside air in an enclosed environment. The most popular system uses less than 40 watts of power, has no costly replacement filters and requires very little maintenance. The most popular system is portable and about the size of a stereo speaker that plugs into the wall and purifies up to 3,000 sq. ft./300 sq’ mtrs. The benefits of the System 3000 are dramatic in helping to alleviate many common problems found in the office and home:

  • Sanitizing bacteria, mould and mildew in your home or office
  • Eliminates chemical odours from cleaners and other sources
  • Reduces pollen, dust and dust mite fecal matter
  • Freshens stale air in basements or enclosed storage rooms
  • Helps eliminate obnoxious dog and cat odours
  • Eliminates smoke, tobacco smoke and virtually all odours.

Originally formed fifteen years ago and is based around a solid engineering background. Ecotek Limited passed the pioneering phase over twelve years ago and are now looking forward to re-establishing an International Network of Distributors who are excited about working in the Environmental arena.

  • Ecotek Limited is the International Distributor and Service Centre for the U.K. and Benelux regions
  • Ecotek Limited owns the Distribution Network and controls the pricing and distribution in these regions
  • Ecotek Limited and it’s International Distributors continue to search out, develop & market products that solve the top problems we all face around the world –
  • I.A.Q., water & energy

Ecotek Limited continues to work, establish and develop ‘Home-based’ business networks with a range of unique technologies that have the ability to literally change the way people live and to increase their quality of life just like air conditioning and purification has! Our marketplace is endless! Ecotek Limited currently offers systems for the residential and commercial environments, and will soon be adding a product range that will serve the industrial, institutional and agricultural markets. As a Distributor we will continue to train and support you to establish your own personal market place, enabling you to promote these technologies by marketing and training others to sell in these outlets.

Timing is the cornerstone of success and in the words of Victor Hugo, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” – or technology! This is the power of timing – getting involved with a technology when the worlds’ environment cries out for help. There is always a shortage of leaders. Being at the right place at the right time and seizing this extraordinary technology can help and even compliment your current working. Business Owners are encouraged because of the returns that can be made on their first sale on that first day in business.

Ecotek Limited offers serious solutions to serious, highly visible problems that are shared and encountered by all of us, more now than ever before. We sell and market Healthy Living Technologies that have that ability to enhance people’s lives, these products are fast becoming essential to a ‘well’ person, and with degenerative diseases now impacting one in three people, the time to act now lies behind us and not in front.


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A Passion for Healthy Living TechnologiesRead the Ian Oakley blog Founder of Ecotek ltd, engineer and passionate, professional speaker on the subject of Healthy Living Technologies

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