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About Ecotek Air

Ecotek have been involved in the air purification industry for nearly twenty years and we delighted and proud to bring a range of technologies that will safely and conveniently enhance your indoor environment whether at home or work.

For clean air in the domestic and commercial environments there is the PureAir 3000,  this product will effectively clean and remove contamination in up to 3000 cubic feet of space.

We all want and need to breathe clean air, but in our increasingly polluted society this becomes difficult, if not impossible.

The EPA stated some years ago, that indoor air quality in homes, schools and businesses must be improved, as children and the elderly are being adversely affected by polluted indoor air.

The World Health Organization stated that over 40% of all buildings pose a serious health hazard due to indoor air pollution, and Legionnaire’s Disease continues to claim lives each year, with a greater percentage of the public suffering from asthma, and that asthma is the single largest cause of hospital visits by children.

When you walk into homes, schools and businesses, you are frequently confronted with things you cannot see, e.g. mould spores, germs, fungi, bacteria, or dust mites’ feces, or even the small particulate of dead human skin on which these infectious things travel.

Particulates are the tiny pieces of airborne pollution, which you can sometimes see in a sunbeam as it shines through a window. They come from mechanical equipment, cars, factories, mould, infectious bacteria, dirty paper, dust, chemical fumes, out gassing of all man made items, and human dead skin flakes.

These particles are small enough to lodge in lungs and aggravate respiratory problems and promote heart diseases and thus potentially cause harm to your staff, clients, and computerised equipment, and it is difficult to identify every source of pollution because the work environment changes from hour to hour and from day to day. Therefore people who complain about the air quality from time to time are often considered as being sickly and even hysterical.

By combining high intensity UVX light with a specially developed compound of rare metal hydrophilic coating on an engineered matrix, our PCO cell generates an active plasma gas that effectively and efficiently reduces airborne and surface contaminants and odours while creating superoxide ions and hydroperoxides – the result for you is a cleaner, fresher, life environment.


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A Passion for Healthy Living TechnologiesRead the Ian Oakley blog Founder of Ecotek ltd, engineer and passionate, professional speaker on the subject of Healthy Living Technologies

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